Short information in English enables persons with hearing loss, deafness, deafblindness or speech difficulties to make or receive calls.

The service can be used to call private individuals, organizations, companies and emergency calls to 112. Of course, it works equally well for those who are talking and want to call someone who needs the service to communicate, whether you call privately or from a company or an organization. conveys conversations in both Swedish and English. is free of charge and open any time of the day, all year round. You can call as much as you like and you do not have to register just to call.

Calls to and from are not pre-booked.

The service works via mobile phone, tablet, computer, a special text phone or a fixed/stationary phone. The service also works for you who use Braille.

All calls are mediated under complete confidentiality according to the Swedish Public och confidentiality law (2009:400)

To use

Voice telephone: 020 600 650
Voice telephone from abroad: +46 776 600 650

Analogue texttelephone: 020 600 600
Voice telephone from abroad: +46 776 600 600

SIP-address for textcalls by SIP-based totalconversationsunits, webapplications and mobileapplications:

Customer service

Voice telephone: 020 11 84 73
Analouge texttelephone: 020 600 690

The Swedish Post- and telecom authority (PTS) has procured the service. PTS also monitors that the service is operated according to the requirements. The service is presently operated by Samres AB in cooperation with nWise.

PTS övriga kommunikationstjänster:


Tjänsten utförs av Samres AB på uppdrag av Post- och telestyrelsen (PTS).